Our current flavours. Come and check them out

Celsius Merry Xmas

Ginger gelato with cane mint crunch and gingerbread cookie

Classic Rum 'n' Raisins

Rum milk gelato with rum infused raisins and danish butter cookies

Berry Crazy

Strawberry and raspberry sorbet with tangy lemon curd

Old School Malt

Malt vanilla gelato, pretzel crumble and chocolate fudge sauce

Homer Donut

Cinnamon donut gelato with sugared croutons and optional candied bacon

Spotty Dog

 Classic cookies and cream gelato topped with mini oreos

Big Hero

Ovaltine malt chocolate with chocolate wafers and malted chocolate crunch

Celsius Popsicles

Now you can try our freshly made gelato on the GO so you're not missing out.

Our gelato creations in the past

OITNB - Orange Is the New Black (past flavour)

Orange sorbet with strawberries and rice puff honeycomb

Thai Me Up (past flavour)

Thai milk tea gelato with condensed milk coated salted chips and drizzled with Gula Melaka sauce

Salted Caramel (past flavour)

Salted caramel gelato and black sesame

Blue Bear (past flavour)

Cheesecake gelato, blueberry coulis and biscuits cookie crumble

Chocolate Devil (past flavour)

Chocolate gelato, chocolate soil, nutella crunch and folded with chocolate fudge sauce

Monkey Magic (past flavour)

Banana gelato with nutella and peanut butter choc chip cookie topped with caramelised banana

Apple Cleanser (past flavour)

Apple sorbet with mint cucumber granita

Matcha Cat Tongue (past flavour)

White chocolate gelato, green tea ganache with Langue De Chat crumbles

Coffee O'clock (past flavour)

Espresso gelato with candied almonds, folded with nutella and coffee brittle with real richness of our clement coffee beans

Celsius Applerumble (past flavour)

Warm apple crumble with creamy burnt butter gelato and butterscotch sauce

Going Bananas (past flavour)

Warm deep fried banana fritters served with palm sugar gelato and salted gula melaka sauce

Watermelon Splash (past flavour)

Watermelon and raspberry sorbet topped with honeycomb crunch

Tweetie Sweetie (past flavour)

Sweet corn gelato with blackberry coulis

Loukamades Lemoncurd (past flavour)

Valentine special - Lemoncurd with crunchy loukamades topped with sugar nest and edible flowers

The Grand Mango (past flavour)

 Mango gelato with mango pieces and puree, topped with tapioca pearl sago and drizzled with evaporated milk

Rosy Peach xoxo (past flavour)

White peach rosewater gelato with roasted pistachio and edible rose petals

Princess of Persia (past flavour)

 Rosewater with lychee honeydew granita and pistachio crumble

Tokyo Love Story (past flavour)

Butterscotch miso with ground black sesame and orange black sesame cookie

Katy Strawberry Pop (past flavour)

Strawberry buttermilk with popping candy and rainbow sprinkle

Peanut Butter Madness (past flavour)

Peanut butter with chocolate walnut brownies

Old School Malt Treat (past flavour)

Malted vanilla with pretzel crumble and dark chocolate sauce

Cherry Royale (past flavour)

Cherry ripe with grand marnier cherry compote

Summer Green (past flavour)

Fresh kiwi sorbet with honey lime syrup and salty donut gravel

Fortune and Happiness (past flavour)

Lotus gelato drizzled with salted golden lava made fresh from duck egg yolk, and topped with fortune cookie