Liquid nitrogen ice cream/ gelato for event hire

Invite your very own liquid nitrogen gelato bar to your event to astound and make it memorable for many more years to come ...

Why celsius dessert bar?

  1. Made with fresh ingredients
  2. Innovative and fun way of making gelato
  3. Made to order, therefore still fresh when arrived at the door
  4. Flavors can be customized to your liking
  5. Made with liquid Nitrogen to create smooth consistency
  6. Quality condiments are included to produce a fine dining quality dessert
  7. We will work with you to ensure your party will be a memorable one


reviews (continued)


“Let this creamy and luscious tub bring magic to your tummies. The rich combination of flavours was luscious and broken up with the chunks of choc chip cookie to leave you wanting more. “


"Our clients held a launch event for a Gaming House in Sydney's inner suburbs and to help us make it even more fun we contacted the lovely team at Celsius. They created 6 amazing Gelato flavours & themed our Chill Out Zone to look like a science lab. It totally blew our minds and fit the event perfectly. I would highly recommend their professional team to anyone looking to take their event to the next level"

 -KebrascaKing, Managing Director, King Creative Media on ASUS Computers x Play it Cool Event

“Celsius ice cream was the perfect treat for our guests during our hot summer's day wedding. Not only does Celsius provide delicious 'finger-licking-good' ice cream, the liquid nitrogen ice cream bar set up adds a unique whimsical look & feel. and brought about smiles all around on what was already a joyful day. The Celsius crew were also highly professional, and helpful in all our dealings with them. I couldn't recommend a better dessert supplier to make your big day even more special” 

–Adela Pontoh, wedding on 10 December 2015

“I used to think sweet corn only works as a topping but Celsius proved me wrong with their  TweetieSweetie.. Itis made from combining real sweet corn with blackberry coulis.. It has a soft delicate texture, is milky and sweet.. The richness of blackberries complement each other really well which will have you licking your spoon for more.


“Now this was my favourite. I give you the Coffee O’Clock:espresso, candied almonds, Nutella and coffee brittle. Java lovers will adore this one. It’s strong, punchy, rich and earthy; like an affogato with every spoonful, but more solid. An affogato that lasts for longer! Then you get the gloriously satisfying salty-sweet crunch of candied almonds, the chocolatey Nutella and the bittersweet shatter of the coffee brittle. I would go back for this one again and again. I was sad when it melted. -

“… solid flavour combos and a growing fan base, things are looking promising.” -