Innovative dessert bar, come follow our journey


Who invented the celsius dessert bar?

Simply put, we are three individuals who love good food and in our pursuit of creating the perfect dessert, from there Celsius was born. We aim to serve the creamiest, freshest and best tasting gelato!


Why did we choose liquid nitrogen for our ice cream?

Liquid nitrogen is cold, very very cold. It boils immediately as soon as it makes contact with anything that is warmer than itself. The technical term for this is Leidenfrost effect, but enough with that, what’s important is the faster you freeze ice cream, the smaller the ice crystals can be, and thus the smoother the texture.  Oh, one more thing, we love our earth so we want to make sure we are not exhausting our earth’s resources, just so you know, nitrogen is about 78% of our atmosphere, so no worries there!


Why do we change our flavour every month?

Simple,  we want to ensure that we only use the freshest  ingredients possible and therefore our menu follows the season’s of our local produce. We know sometimes this creates disappointment as you might not able to have your favourite Celsius gelato, but we think it’s only fair that your Celsius is being made as best as possible. If you love for your favourite flavour to come back, we’d love to hear what you’d loved about it.